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When you choose a hot runner manufacturer

Are there any such concerns?
Why do many brand customers choose MODO HOT RUNNER?
Six Reasons to Choose MODO
  • Independent production and R & D

    With more than 10 years of hot runner design experience of the elite team, independent sales, production, research and development, the use of high-end processing equipment, to provide customers with high quality hot runner products.

    Independent production and R & D

  • Advantages of hot mouth

    Shortening the molding cycle and eliminating subsequent processes is conducive to production automation

    Advantages of hot mouth

  • Improve production efficiency

    Reduce defective products, improve product beauty and quality, expand the application of injection molding process

    Improve production efficiency

  • Advantages of heat splitter plate

    Advantages of heat splitter plate

    The geometric path of the balanced plastic from the pipe to each cavity is equal, and each system should be designed appropriately for its product characteristics
  • Process management function

    Process management function

    Process management function, can set and save the inspection parameters of various specifications of products
  • Low cost and high efficiency

    Low cost and high efficiency

    Save the cost of plastic raw materials and labor, improve the cost performance of molds, and enhance the competitiveness of enterprises
Product Center

MODO · Hot runner product center

To provide you with a full range of hot runner system solutions


Workmanship quality to achieve customer success, excellent service to solve customer concerns
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Speak with strength MODO HOT RUNNER SYSTEM·Speak with strength

Hot runner system has more than ten years of professional R&D and design, and sophisticated processing equipment provides you with one-stop customized services.

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    Deep tillage
    of industry

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Ten years of industry deep cultivation
01first Ten years of industry deep cultivation - exquisite technology mature

Since the establishment of the company has been devoted to the development of hot runner system accumulated a wealth of practical application experience and successful solutions, with advanced production equipment, modern management system, to ensure that within the specified time to provide customers with qualified products; According to customer needs and budget, give satisfactory product solutions, effective control and cost saving, shorten the mold delivery time, integrated service process, to ensure timely delivery of products.

Independent intellectual property rights
02second Independent intellectual property rights - won a number of patented technologies

Have long-term commitment to hot runner system research and development of senior engineering and technical personnel; Through the knowledge system certification, obtained a number of invention patents, the formation of the core members of the technical team industry experience of more than 10 years, to provide a full range of technical support, from design and development, production and processing, after-sales service to form a high-quality technical team.

Standardization saves time
03third Standardization saves time - 30% time savings

MODO specializes in the production of hot runner systems, using standard parts inventory, through past customer feedback, our delivery and after-sales compared with peers can save 30% of the time; With our advantages, we constantly improve the hot runner system, strive to build the first brand of hot runner in China, and strive to become the world's first-class hot runner supplier.

Full service support
04fourth Full service support - shaping industry model

MODO has a professional technical team to provide you with hot runner accessories system installation, mold trial, maintenance, repair, professional consulting and other services, from the source manufacturers, direct delivery, eliminating all the links in the middle, the profit directly to the buyer, immediate response, quickly solve your doubts, free technical support, to meet your needs, so that you have no worries.

About us

We provide professional hot runner solutions
Your Lean partner

MODO was founded in 2008, is a professional research and development, production and sales of hot runner system service enterprises. The company has strong technical force, advanced production equipment and modern management system to ensure that we provide customers with quality products within the specified time. The hot runner system developed has obtained high-tech certification for many times, and is a high-tech enterprise in Guangdong Province that insists on scientific and technological innovation.
MODO core accessories are imported, using the original imported parts from Germany and the United States to ensure the stability of the product in use......
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    Years of industry

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    Customer application case

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    Plant area

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To eliminate or reduce malfunctions during use as much as possible, the followin
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Hot runner molds can be divided into open hot runner molds and needle valve hot
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The hot runner mold has been successfully used to process various plastic materi
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