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There are three types of hot runner mold: hot tip type, pouring jacket type and valve needle type. Each type can be subdivided into many lines. For example, the diameter of the runner section in the hot-tip nozzle can vary from 4 mm to 16 mm, and the nozzle is also made into different sizes. There are also many variants of nozzle gate inserts to meet different application requirements, so the more rich the hot runner system of the general supplier, the better. In this way, there can be greater selectivity of hot runner components, and the type, size, weight and application range of plastic parts produced with hot runner are wider, which is more conducive to optimizing the injection molding production process and product quality.
When plastic products are processed by injection molding, the hot runner system and hot runner mold work under high temperature and high pressure load. There are many factors that lead to the failure of hot runner mold components, and the injection molding process is mainly used in the production of mass plastic parts. If there is any shutdown, the economic damage is very serious. Therefore, the product quality and reliability of hot runner mold are very important. Customers should have a deep understanding of the product quality and application history of hot runner components produced by hot runner suppliers. Some of the more excellent hot runner manufacturers have been certified by international organizations ISO quality standards.
With the development of hot runner technology, components have the following trends
1. Parts miniaturization, can achieve small products a mold multi-cavity and large products multi-gate filling. By shrinking the nozzle space. More cavities can be configured on the mold. Increase production and utilization of injection molding machines.
2. Standardization of parts. It is beneficial to reduce the repetition of design work and reduce the cost of mold, and facilitate the replacement and maintenance of vulnerable parts. Meet the user mold design and manufacturing cycle shorter and shorter requirements.
3. The overall reliability of pressure distribution, temperature distribution and seal design is improved.
4. Precise temperature control system to prevent resin overheating degradation and product performance reduction.
5. Improve the wear resistance of nozzles and hot runner and the forming of sensitive materials.
 Hot runner components and trends
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