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As a common part of the mold system, the hot runner system can effectively improve the quality of plastic products, improve production efficiency, and make the capital investment get higher return.
Insert molding technology, co-injection molding technology and multi-component injection molding technology are inseparable from the support of hot runner. A large number of parts such as car bumpers can only be processed using hot runner molds because of flow path restrictions, wall thickness ratios and fusion joint problems. In injection molding, the hot runner system plays an increasingly important role.
Although the hot runner and the injection mold are a whole, its role and function are completely different from the mold itself. For the independent unit composed of the system, its installation, connection and operation have special high-precision position requirements. For these reasons, the assembly of the hot runner system becomes a bottleneck for mold installation. Therefore, it is a very important topic to avoid the errors in the installation of hot runner system and simplify the system connection and save the assembly time.
Conventional hot runner design
Hot runner system is derived from hot runner system. In general, the nozzle is not always mounted on the diverter plate and can also be virtually attached to the nozzle flange, but such systems require a fixed plate to maintain the unity of the system. For most plastic processing processes, because the temperature of the mold is close to 200 ° C, there is a temperature difference between the hot runner and the mold. If the system is attached to the die plate, the temperature will increase and the heat loss will increase, and a flow dead Angle may also be created between the diverter plate and the nozzle.
When the hot runner needs to be repaired, the hot runner must be completely removed from the mold. Since the nozzle is not connected to the diverter plate, the electrical and hydraulic lines must be completely disassembled and connected after the inspection.
Combined hot runner system
In the combined hot runner system, the nozzle and the diverter plate form a simple unit. The melt flows directly from the diverter plate into the nozzle, so there is no deviation and no flow dead Angle. The leakage between the nozzle and the diverter plate is eliminated by the threaded nozzle being embedded into the diverter plate. Traditional bushing system designs produce thermal expansion, and this combined system is particularly effective at eliminating such leaks.
The combined hot runner system is located in the center of the mold and has few connections to the mold, and its manufacturing material does not require high thermal conductivity, clamping and pretension of the mold sheet. This minimal connection provides high accuracy and a stable temperature curve, so energy consumption is much lower than with traditional hot runner systems.
The combined hot runner system can be directly preinstalled with hydraulic lines independent of the mold. The valve port directly driven by the hydraulic equipment can also be installed directly on the system, thus omitting the control valve on the traditional machine and making injection molding more flexible. In addition, electrical and hydraulic lines can also be configured according to customer requirements. Because the system undergoes electrical, temperature, hydraulic or air pressure testing before delivery, the customer receives instructions for the pre-installed system, which can be easily installed in the mold and put into production right away.
When the mold or system requires routine maintenance, the combined hot runner system can also be removed from the mold in a simple step, so that it can be repaired and inspected independently of the mold.
Generally, combined hot runner systems reduce maintenance costs. The complete hot runner system is designed and installed based on a modular preassembly, during which the heater or thermocouple wires are removed. The wire connecting the heater to the distribution box is placed in a specially designed conduit, which is advantageous for the disassembly of the mold or hot runner system. At the same time, the integrated hot runner system enables disassembly free routine maintenance, saving time and reducing the chance of assembly errors.
 What is a Hot Runner
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