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The hot runner temperature control box is the hot runner temperature controller. The hot runner temperature control box is a device that continuously maintains the temperature required by the hot runner system. It is composed of the temperature control card, air switch, box, fan, wiring base and cable. The temperature control box detects the temperature of the hot runner system through the temperature control card installed in the box, and keeps the temperature of the target point stable by adjusting the output power. The temperature control box is controlled by microprocessor, and the temperature control accuracy can reach 0.5℃. Double row LED digital display, with a variety of fault state display alarm, can find and solve the problem in time; The output interface adopts the international standard industrial socket, which is widely used in the heat flow system in the world. Thermocouple K type J type can be interchangeable.
Temperature control box is a kind of equipment to continuously maintain the required temperature value, it mainly through the intelligent computer chip (MCU) in the watch core to detect the temperature of the heating channel, and then through the intelligent computer internal data processing, output the appropriate proportion of current value, so as to achieve the purpose of temperature control, the accuracy and stability of temperature control mainly depends on the following important factors: 1> Temperature measurement: sampling cycle parameters, data filtering processing to determine the temperature, measurement circuit temperature compensation to determine the temperature measurement accuracy;
2> PID control: reflect the proportion of output current through regulation and control, the relevant parameters are proportional segment, integral time differential time;
3> PIDD control: through the phase Angle control, the relevant parameters are proportional segment, integral time, differential time;
4> Automatic regulation: By analyzing the capacitance of the heater and the thermal constant of the mold, the function of its dominant factor is provided (with latent heat and heat dissipation it helps to accurately control the temperature regardless of how the environment changes.
5> Output mode: can be changed according to the environment. SSR (PIDD) mode: Precise temperature control can be achieved, but the power supply is much more noisy than the PWM mode.
PWM (PID) mode: The current noise is low, but the control ability of specific temperatures is worse than that of SSR mode.
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